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Saw this movie last night and laughed so hard I fell out of my seat twice.  The movie had more of a plot than I expected.  I truly expected to go from one over the top scene to the next ...

Two scenes that will go down in the all time favs for me ... 

The food poisoning and Megan sitting in the sink ... I mean I don't even know where to start with this one.  "... its come out of me like hot lava! "  So freaking funny ...  

Annie driving back and forth in front of Rhodes to get his attention.  Really ... that is some funny stuff!!

We have deemed it Movie Monday here in the hood.  Next week for me ... Hangover 2!



  1. You will laugh your behind off at Hangover 2....It is h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s...

  2. feel the heat? It's from my under-carriage!! Went to see it funny!

  3. I have heard great things about that movie! I was laughing out loud at the trailers. :-) xoxo

  4. Agree, this is a hysterical movie. I was laughing from start to finish.



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