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Happy Father's Day!

We are separated from our Daddy on his special day!!!  He is in Kansas ... we are in Georgia.  It is a sad day for all involved!  But if you were here shug ... this would be your day!

Coffee made by me ... hugs and kisses from all of us ... and pancakes for breakfast made by you.  You are the better cook ... anyone you ask would agree!

Church and then lunch with your family.  We are headed to a steak restaurant and you know I will be eating the baked potato and enjoying a large sweet tea!  NO rare meat for me!

The late afternoon would consist of a movie where I would look over and you would be taking a well deserved nap!  You would insist you were just resting and had watched the whole movie ... and I wouldn't tell you that we could hear you snoring!

Dinner would be at Swallow at the Hollow.  No better does it better!!! You would order the ribs, macaroni and cheese and biscuits with honey.  We would share a bucket of beers and listen to the live music.  And of course ... banana pudding for dessert!  I can just see the little pot of warmed bbq sauce sitting next to your rib plate.  I might sneak a little dip for my fries ...

After dinner you could watch all your DVR shows.  I know you are missing that DVR since your "hotel" room is missing one in KC.

And then there are your gifts ...

I picked up your watch and it is waiting here for you.  Along with two bags of your favorite pretzels and a six pack of Yuengling.  And then there your secret present.  It is too valuable to ship and needs you to be here to pick it up.  Hmm ... what could it be?  (And yes ... its a real gift wrapped in a box!)

We miss you shug!  I know I have been bitchy less than sweet lately!  But you will forgive me ... months of being alone wear on a girl.  We can't wait for July 1 for your arrival so we can pretend its June 19th all over again!!

Hugs and kisses to you!!!

(ps ... could you not read the next post?  I do not need Mr. Crabs calling today complaining I am spending all his money!  K?  Plus I will look super cute wearing my new navy dress to church today.  Pinky swear!  xoxo)

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