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Memorial Day recap ...

One wedding, one graduation, three cookouts, one morning of Memorial Day games and countless trips to the pool ... I can't think of a better weekend!  I love Memorial Day.  It doesn't feel like summer has arrived until this weekend.  I am full on in the blows of summer and loving all the relaxation that entails.  I love a hot shower before bed and crawling into a set of ice cold sheets and snuggling in to watch TV ... its the perfect end to this super hot weather.

Lawyer left this morning and will be back for a week July 1st.  That seems like forever ... but I am trying to use the time to enjoy our last real month here in Georgia.  The house goes on the market this week and the yard replacement is in full swing!  They have done an amazing job.  When I rounded the corner last night to pull into the driveway I was so impressed with the look of the black mulch and the contrast it provided.  I am loving the day to day progress and I can't wait for the finished product.  Outside work is my favorite kind ... no mess in the house!

Just picked Babycakes up from tennis camp and I am off to run a load of laundry and rest with the kids ...

Love, love, love the summer!

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