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The wedding of the best nanny ever!

When Lawyer and I bought our first house in 1995 we had a precious cul-de-sac with the most amazing neighbors.  We were newly married and I loved watching the couple across the street with their 3 girls.  At the time the youngest girl, Jenna, was 10.  She was an adorable girl with the sweetest smile.  When she became a teenager she started to babysit for me.  At the time I just had the one little boy and he adored her.  Her older sister was the swim team coach and taught the oldest how to swim when Little Mister was born.  He loved the girls and I loved every part of it.

Their mother drove me to the hospital when we had to call 911 ... she talked me through so much of letting go of my fears with the second one and she kept me grounded.  She was and still is the most amazing mother I have ever known.  She laughed at my type A side and I admired her ability to be so laid back.  Their entire family has always meant the world to all of us.

When we moved into our current house and had the third baby they were our first visitors once we got home.  Jenna came home from college to see Babycakes and we saw each other every break and every summer.  She was the standing nanny.  She babysat twice a week for the day and I handed her my children without even a question.  If she wasn't available I didn't make plans.  You don't leave your special child with just anyone.  You leave him with family and better yet with a special ed teacher.  She was both!

She graduated from UGA and started grad school at Georgia State and I rejoiced ... she would be back in Marietta.  She has worked for us every summer but she is much more than an employee .. she is family!!!!  Last summer was the last year she worked for us ... after that she got engaged.  The kids were a little older and it was time to let her go.  My heart broke but she was ready to move on.  I searched the world over and found a precious girl very similar to our Jenna.  Frances is fabulous and we adore her!

Saturday night Jenna got married.  It just doesn't seem possible.  I feel old.  She was 10 when we met and now she is 25.  She was beaming on Saturday and I am so proud of her and her new life.  She has chosen a sweet and adoring husband and will have a great life.   She is in Jamaica for her honeymoon and then starts her PHD program. She is beautiful and amazing and I love her dearly!

She is one of those people I will miss moving so far away.  But I know without a doubt we will be friends for the rest of our lives!!!
I love you sweet girl!!!


  1. love this post! it is exactly how we feel about Miss J! She will be here when we get home from Baby C's surgery and it gives me such peace! Mini K is counting down the days of school until she can just be with Miss J!

  2. What a sweet post! A good nanny/baby-sitter is a gift from God. xoxo

  3. This is such a sweet post!! I have nannied for the same family for 6 years now and they are so much more than a job--both of the kids will certainly be in my wedding!



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