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Our house ... the dining room and living room

I love the color of the dining room!  I will be using this green again in the new house.  I am hoping and praying the hutch fits ... it is one of my favorite pieces we own.

I will need to find another place for this piece ... maybe the entry outside the dining room.  The pictures will go in the new dining room along with some of my majolica plates. 

This is a huge piece but such a great one.  It houses so many treasures!

Found this fruit on my last trip to Scotts. 
Super cheap and exactly what I wanted!

One of my favorite pieces of my collection.  I love the detail.

The kitchen ...

Pared way down for the listing photos.  Its a great size kitchen ... but the counter space could be so much bigger.

another shot for you!

The built-ins across from the island. 

The eating area ... its a big kitchen.  This table was made for us by my dad and is six feet long.  It currently has six chairs but I could easily add 2 more.

Lawyer's grandmothers' 100+ year old desk.  This is his favorite piece in the whole house.  This piece is so large and hard to place but it brings him great joy to have it in our house!

Vintage aprons ... I love these!  Too bad I don't like cooking any where
near as much!

Hook inside the garage door. 

Hall to the laundry room off the kitchen.

Laundry room ... an entire post of its own!



  1. Nice kitchen....great cabinet space. Looks like your staged and ready to go - good luck !

  2. Your house looks great! Love those gorgie furniture pieces. Hope you can find room for all of them! xoxo



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