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Some Lilly for our new home!

Got a little package from the Preppy Princess last week.  I ordered some new tumblers and some koozies for our new digs.  Gotta make sure the new place has some preppy touches!

Cute new tumblers to add to our collection.  We have had two other patterns for the last two years and we use them daily!!  They are beginning to fade with so many uses and dishwasher runs!  But faded Lilly still works ...

Oh ... the daily Tab habit will look great in these!  So will the occasional 5:00 beer!  I might need to try one out at the pool this week!

Oh thank you Susan & Kevin!  I will definitely be back for many more!!!



  1. Love your purchaes, especially the koozies....

  2. Very cute purchases! Love my coozies.. haven't tried the tumblers yet!




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