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Checking in ...

Thank you for your sweet comments and emails.  I am doing good ... pinky swear!  I am exhausted ... bone tired actually ... but other than that I am truly ok.  Just to clear your worries and to answer a few of your emails ... my husband did not lose his job and there is not a health crisis with any of us.  It is simply as I put it ... God closed the door on us moving this summer.  We will still relocate but for the time being the company is allowing Lawyer to work from the Atlanta office.  Praise God ... after four long months of being a single parent ... he is coming home!!!

The house is off the market ... the kids are registered for school here in Georgia and I am trying to get back to a "regular" not moving next week life.  It is weird and somewhat confusing ... but I will get there!  To help that transition we are spending next week at the Amelia Island Plantation.  When I called my dad  sobbing after the final turn of the roller coaster ride he figured we could use a break ... and where else to spend it but the beach!!!  He made the reservation , I wrote my 50% check and and the six of us are out of here on Saturday for a week of the sun, relaxation and rejuvenation.  When we return the following Saturday night Lawyer should be home!

I am toying with redecorating a room in the house in the interim.  Since I had placed furniture in not one, but two different house plans in Kansas I have the bug to move some furniture around here.  I know its crazy ... but I just can't look at the den the same.  I may also paint the kitchen ... going from tan to a more neutral color to give it a more open feel.  We shall see ... still thinking ...

I have also fallen in love with Pinterest ... probably too much so ... it is addicting!  It is like reading a million magazines and tearing sheets out to pin on an unlimited amount of bulletin boards.  I love it!!!

Running some errands today and then cleaning up the pig sty that is my house!  Then I am running a few loads of laundry, ironing and packing for the beach!!!

Thank you for your unending support and love ... I feel each hug sent!

Hope your day is great!


  1. Glad y'all are getting away for a bit! Hugs!!!

  2. Have a fun trip! I'm so glad your husband will be home soon!

  3. Great! So glad you have a week at the beach planned. Then back to normalville ;-). XOXO

  4. I'm happy to read that YOU are ok and settled with the idea. One door closes, and then the next opens. Wishing you lots of good wishes!

  5. Oh girl I am glad! I was worried about you!! Even called you!



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