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I am blessed!

First of all I am blessed to have amazing friends and readers!  Some of whom are one in the same!!!  We have arrived in Amelia and are having a relaxing afternoon!!!  It was a long drive due to construction in Atlanta and too many riders with tiny tanks!  A five hour ride turned in 8 and I arrived needing a tall glass of wine and more than two Advil.  I do not travel well with six riders in one Yukon XL.  Two much chaos!

We arrived and unpacked and then I retreated to my room to relax.  My dad appeared at my door a little while later with two glasses of wine and a great pep talk.  He told me to remember why we had chosen to get away.  "We are here to wash away the last four months of turmoil and let you regroup.  Let me know all you need to make that happen!"

I have an amazing dad.  He is there and reads me better than I do sometimes.  I am thankful for his love and commitment.  He is one amazing man!!!

I have amazing best friends!!!  They are there without fail the most amazing people I know.  They have called, taken me for drinks, let me have sleepovers and given me blow outs when I needed to be pampered!!!  They have even sat on the other line when I sobbed for hours on end.  One girl in particular deserves the "best girl in the world award"!!!  She knows I love her more than Kate Spade!!!  I am one lucky girl.

I have an amazing husband.  He has become such a great man over the last four months.  He drove away to find a new life for us and tried out a new city, a new job and a new life for the five of us.  When we finally arrive he will know all the "places" to check out.  He arrives back in Atlanta late tonight with happies in tow from the Roasterie and Dean and Deluca.  He is excited to have a little more time in Georgia before we all head to Kansas.  We have a great life waiting for us and I am finally at a place where I am excited to experience it!!!

I have a week to recoup at the beach.  The beach + me = heaven on earth!!!

Hope you are all well ... know that I treasure all of you!!!

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