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Collect call

I called my dad today and when he answered I said simply ...

Collect call from Betty Ford ... will you accept the charges?

Seriously ... when it rains it floods!  I keep getting hit with more to do lists and more challenges. 

But I am keeping my eye on the goal ... to be reunited as a family next week.

That is ... if I don't start drinking to manage the stress ...

who knows where I could end up!


1 comment:

  1. I know you are stressed, but that is the cutest thing you've done yet. I love it. I love your sense of humor. We have to laugh to keep from crying ;-). Before my most recent visit to NYC, for some unknown reason, I decided to paint a bathroom that was painted dark red - oh my heavens - what a project! So I'm on coat #3 and call my bestie to say "Please come shoot me." She said "not until you've finished painting that bathroom", and I said "well that defeats the purpose" - we had a good laugh. Thinking about you sweetie! XOXO



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