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The lasts ...

Today I am have an appointment with Hair Girl.  It will be my last cut and color before we go.  There have been a lot of lasts lately.  I made a list about four months ago and labeled it the "bucket list".  Preppy Paper Girl just about beat me up and insisted I wasn't dying and renamed it the "suitcase list".  Every time she talks about it we have to go into a ten minute speech on how dumb it was for me to name it a bucket list.  Whatever ... she loves me!

Next week (of course while the movers are here) all three kids have their last doctors appointments.  They have been seen by the same group of doctors who came to visit them when they were born.  I can remember when my oldest was only hours old and my favorite doctor came to visit.  I had never seen him before and he sat down and gave me the report on my brand new baby.  He could have told me that baby had four legs and I am not sure I would have heard him ... I tuned out after he said ... "I just visited with your son".

There are a lot of things I will miss about living here.  I was engaged here ... came home as a newlywed ... delivered all three babies ... buried Lawyer's mother ... watched them all go off to kindergarten ... witness two of them  accept Christ ... it has been my home since October 30, 1993. 

Wow ... that took a turn into sadness ... where was I?

Oh yes ... Hair Girl.  Although this is the last time she will cut and color my hair here she will be making a visit to see us every 8 weeks.  She cooked up a deal with Lawyer to fly her out every other month to cut all five of us.  He agreed and she was thrilled.  And I must say finding a new stylist would have sent me postal.  I mean ... Little Mister has some serious hair issues and hates to have it cut.  And I am not sure I would trust anyone else to color mine.  She is the only one who has ever done it.  And who else would fit me in or remind me to get my hair done.  She texted yesterday and said ...

You better figure out when you can get your hair done.  I'm getting booked up and you are running out of time before the truck comes.  I don't care what state you live in roots are not cute!

So there you have it ... whatever!

Like she wouldn't make a house call this weekend to help me out!



  1. You are so funny! I seriously love your blog posts and I hope you don't stop blogging when you move to Kansas! :)

  2. Here's to celebrating the lasts and anticipating the new round of firsts! :)

  3. I know there is sadness and that's perfectly normal. But you still have the sense of excitement about your new home!! You'll do great; hence, your children will also do great. That's how it works . . .

    What a great friend Hair Girl is!! Yes, the hair deal is a big deal ;-). XOXO



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