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Great week!

It is a perfect week.  I am full of family time from the weekend.  Babycakes is having the time of her life being spoiled for days at my parents house.  Lawyer is home and having lots of quality time with me and the boys ... life is good!

Last night I was blessed to indulge in dinner and drinks with a group of besties!  We met at my favorite joint on the square ... Willie Rae's.  The food is fabulous ... the wine is always the perfect temperature and last night the giggles were at an all time high!  It has been a long time since the server suggested we should lower our voices in the family establishment.  Blech ... no lowering for us .. thankyouverymuch!!!  So glad to have you Maggi!!! 

Today I am off to spend the day with Paper Girl.  We will eat, giggle, shop and I am sure argue in a check out line as we always do.  It will be the best!!!

I am soaking in all the quality time I can get in my last weeks here in Georgia.  I will need all this quality time stored up in my heart when I am flying off to Kansas!

Hope your week is grand!

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