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The long weekend ...

The long weekend ... oh so heavenly!

Lots of quality time with Lawyer and both our families!

The pool ... two barbecues ... friends ... the sun ... and the parade!

We love the parade on the Marietta Square.  It is my favorite way to start the day.  We had the privilege of judging the floats which required me to appear before 8 am and we left around 2.  Long afternoon ... but so much fun!

We always watch the parade in a shady spot across the street from the cemetary.  It puts things into prospective.

Amazing float ... I gave it the most patriotic award.

The firefighter on the left is the husband of our one and only Aunt Grits!

Babycakes and her beloved Grandad!

Hair Girl and her bitty baby!

This is the sweetest baby!

Tons of giggles!!!

After the parade we headed to the square for lunch, cold beer and to watch the children bounce and slide their day away. 

The whole day was bittersweet.  I love the parade and being part of the city of Marietta.  I will miss our town and the lovely people in it.  We have been here so long I can now walk into just about anywhere and recognize someone.  We ran into numerous friends on the square yesterday.  I love that!

But ... new horizons await!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!



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