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Moving checklist ...

I started making lists for the move and then after the third list (because I misplaced the first two) I realized I needed to do some online research.  As I expected ... when you type in moving checklist into google you get a number of responses.  I tried to whittle them down and came up with two I liked.  Looked at both in detail and finally ended up with a great list I found on  I have no idea what they do ... just know I like their list!

I have read and re read the list a number of times.  It suggested I make a binder ... so I have done that.  Then it listed out all the things to do in a timeline.  To bad I did not already think of this ... but I was too busy living in denial.  Lucky for me I had already taken care of the "1-2 months before the move" list.

I am now working thru the "3 - 4 weeks before the move" list ... not too bad ... if I do say so!  We won't tell the list that there is only two weeks left. 

I know I have some readers in the Overland Park area ... where are you girls?

I have questions!!

Do you board your dogs ... with who?
Who is the cable provider you prefer?
Insurance provider for home/car?
Water and Electricity?

Come on girls ... what else do I need?



  1. your Realtor should have given you the water and electricity as well as cable.. you can still use your Insurance provider if they are say State Farm, Allstate etc...

  2. Gas, yard care, cleaning lady, doctors, dentists, babysitters, handyman, shopping,

  3. Great blog! Just found you when searching for how the fit of the flutter tee is, and I cant decide what color to get. Hmmm. We have many things in common, one of them being Summer is a Verb. She is seriously my Stylist, as is Sheridan French! Did a post the other week about her friendship bracelets she posted. Also, With all the great style advice Summer is a Verb offers, couldn't help but let her know about the Rachel Leigh Audrey bracelets I found, on sale! Posted about it today! Amazing deal! Also, just found out that all sale items from Calypso are an extra 20% off. Can't beat that! Probably going to go with the orange. Sorry for the rambling, but glad to have found your blog!

  4. I live in OP. We moved here from Texas 10 months ago. If I can help answer any of your questions, I'd be glad to. Email me at



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