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What's next ...

Today is the day the movers were to show up and pack ... pack today and tomorrow, load Wednesday and Thursday and we fly out on Friday.  That was the plan ...

And then the plan changed!


Today I am working on laundry and errands and enrolling my children in school here in Marietta.  The sign is out of the yard and the lock box is gone. Our house is currently off the market.

I know your head is spinning ... but rest assured not more than mine.  I have spent most of the weekend undoing all the plans for this week and the weeks to come.  I have slept, cried more than the Bachelorette (that girl is strange!) and tried to wrap my mind around all that has happened, changed and is to come.

I do not have a ton of answers but I do have my God.  I am at the mercy of him and my life is completely in his hands.

For now ... that is enough!


p.s.  My hair looks great!  Blonder than I planned and shorter than I asked for ... but darling none the less!  It will be a great change to go with all the others!  Thank you Hair Girl for the great hair and the amazing friendship.  You had no idea when I sat down in your chair that I had just found out my whole world was turned upside down once again.  You talked me through it and loved me immensely!  I am blessed to call you a bestie!!!  xoxo to you!!!


  1. What??? Oh my goodness. I cannot even imagine the stress you are going through. Please fill us in when you have a minute of time (though I know those are few and far between!)

  2. I've followed for awhile now, and rarely (if ever) commented, but I enjoy your blog SO much!! Whatever happened, it all will work out. It's God's plan and it sounds like you are focused on that! Good luck with all the re-arranging and can't wait to hear what has happened!


  3. Wow! I'm a half-full person, so I'm saying better to have this happen now than before your belongings were on that truck and half way to Kansas. Keep us posted as we are all thinking about you. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11. XOXO

  4. I love you blog, but rarely comment. We moved from the south to Colorado 3 years ago. There was a time when we thought we may not be moving, but it all worked out and we moved. I wish we could have stayed in the south though! Enjoy all the loveliness the south provides.

  5. keep your eyes on the cross! God has never once let me down...

  6. Love your blog... But never comment felt like I just had to let you know you are in my thoughts. Love your Atlanta cupcake chronicles( I am also here in Atlanta but originally a Polk county girl like yourself). The familiar path is always easiest and looks like that is what you have been given:)

  7. Wow, what a rollercoaster you and your family have been on this summer! Hang in there and keep listening to God. He will lead where you need to go.

    Thinking of you...



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