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Bangle love

Guess who is in love with Lulu Frost collection at JCrew this fall ... 

That would be me!

Aren't they fabulous!  
I would love to have the entire collection ... but that would be crazy!

So I had to whittle down the list just a smidge ... 

comes in tortoise and navy ... tortoise for me!

comes in navy and brown ... and I love them both but I will stick with navy!

available in yellow, white, green and navy ... I am for sure on the yellow and the white ... maybe green?

Simple perfection!!!
These are the ones on the wish list ... I am hoping to walk out with nothing more! 

And so is Lawyer!



  1. LOOOOOVE these! I saw these in the magazine and totally want some! I hope Target makes some knock-offs so I can actually afford them!

  2. I, too, want them all!! I wish we were next door neighbors; then we could purchase the whole set and share them! XOXO

  3. Preppy 101 ... I totally agree! That would be the perfect plan!

    If you want them ... order asap ... they are flying off the shelves like hotcakes. I ended up getting the skinny navy, green and yellow and the medium brown and the thick tortoise! But I still have my eye on the skinny white and the mack daddy black.

    Sheesh ... why oh why are they so fabulous?



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