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The change ...

When you have kids it is inevitable that they will grow up.  We all know that ... though I do not think any of us truly realize what it means or how we will feel when it happens!

First you have the immediate rush of love when they are born ...

Then the deeper love that happens when their personalities develop and they show their love for you ...

And then they go off to preschool and you swear no child was ever as smart
or as cute ...

and inevitably they graduate and are ready for kindergarten ...

... and the dreaded first day of middle school and when you are sure no mother has ever felt the pain you feel!  Your baby is the only one that is growing up way too fast!

They begin to develop into a responsible and respectful child!  And you swear this is the point you love them more than ever!

Then one day your baby's pre-k teacher sends you a photo of your middle schooler reading to your five year old.  And the look on her face makes your heart melt!!!

And then you enter your last year of middle school ... could it really be that he will be heading to high school?

And then ... it happens!

You are registering your baby for high school.  He is now taller than you and clearly the smartest child you have ever known.  He is funny and his wit keeps him alive day after day when he gets too sassy!

It happens ... live marches on and your baby will grow up.  I warn you now ... its painful and the most amazing thing you will feel all at the same exact time!

Two days ago I took my soon to be 9th grader to orientation.  The booster club was selling signs for your yard that said ... Eastside Wildcat lives here!  I wanted to buy one.  I thought it would be great to show our spirit for the school.  My 14 year old rolled his eyes at me and told me to lay low and not act out.

And then just as I was ready for bed he texted me ... You can get the sign for the yard if I can get one that says ... will trade mother for good computer.  Must see computer before trade!

Smart ass!  Life was so much easier when he was itty bitty!


ps ... of course I changed the name of the high school ... wouldn't you?


  1. What a sweetheart! I seriously cried reading this. I hope he loves high school and thrives!

  2. Get ready Ms Pink Clutch will be the best roller coast ride of YOUR lives. How I miss those days - sniff sniff!!

  3. I LOVE this post. I understand EVERY emotion as I have already been there! And that's why I love being here for you as you journey through with your "babies". You are right - it's the saddest and happiest of times ever! XOXO



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