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Pink happiness!

My morning blog reading has inspired me once again.  This morning the inspiration came from the amazing Mrs. Lilien.  If she is not part of your daily roll you are clearly missing out.  The woman oozes style and sophistication.  I adore her!!!

I was perusing her week of birthday posts and stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed this as part of her post from Thursday August 4th.

Holy happiness!  I had no idea they made pink lemonade vodka!!!

As I was sharing my excitement with Lawyer ... his response was "who cares"?

I care sweets!  Silly man!

Think of all the parties I can plan ...

The Pink Flamingo ... made with 2 parts pink lemonade vodka and 1 part cranberry juice!

With pink drinks galore!

The ultimate lemonade ...
made with 2 parts pink lemonade, 2 parts lemonade and a splash of sparkling water

And the amazing happy hours I can host!

The ultimate Palmer ...
made with 1 part pink lemonade vodka, 1 part sweet tea vodka and lemonade

Ooh .. the party planning I can dream up!

When I said I would be nicer to him with pink drinks ... his response changed! 
"I see if I can't pick some up on my way home tonight!"

Now we're talking!!!
And I will make him some Salisbury Steaks to reward you!




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