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A happy list ...

I have been so tired lately.  So incredibly tired!  I think its the combination of the hot days of summer, the early morning alarms and running around like a crazy girl.  I also need to have my iron checked ... I feel like I could fall asleep all day every day!  ugh ... When I get this tired I found it hard not to be grumpy.  Who wants a grumpy mommy?  

While reading blogs yesterday I was inspired to make a list of things that have made me happy 
in the last week.  Remembering then makes me smile!

1.  packages that arrive in the mail ... I love a box waiting on me!
2.  sweet tea with crushed ice ... Sonic ice is bar far the best around!
3.  pj pants and comfy t shirts ... I think my Harvard t shirt from Target makes me smarter!
4.  a cupcake ... lemon lavender is my new favorite
5.  lunch with a friend ... the best pick me up around!
6.  Lawyer making the bed for me each morning!  
7.  a good night kiss from my teenager ... that he still gives them makes me happy!
8.  the tv free afternoons ... I love the quiet!
9.  lavender ... I love the smell of the laundry products I paid to much for!  The were so worth it!
10.  cooler mornings ... fall is just around the corner
11.   my happy teenager 
12.  an ice cold Diet Coke in the can 
13.  a large iced coffee from Whole Foods ... amazing!
14.  Lawyer leaving each morning in a suit and suspenders ... still makes me swoon
15.  the dawn of a new day with new possibilities!

What makes you happy?

1 comment:

  1. Reading all your happy thoughts makes me happy!! The cooler weather and fall sports definitely make me smile!



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