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Tiny little pieces of happiness!

I had a date yesterday with my friend Maggi on the Marietta Square.  It was a gorgeous day, we ate outside, the food was fabulous and they served me an orange slice for my tea.  What else can a girl ask for?   I adore Maggi and she swears the feeling is mutual!!  xoxo 

On the way home I stopped in at one of my favorite cupcake joints for a sweet treat!

After I left I swung in the CFA drive thru for a sweet tea.  The manager leaned out and inquired if I had just been to Miss Mamie's.  

Why yes ... yes I did!

Then he asked ... Is that a blueberry cupcake I spy?

And yes ... you are correct again ... it is a blueberry cupcake!  He looked a little disappointed when I didn't offer it to him!

Fast forward 2 hours ....

I was prepared when the kids arrived home off the bus ...

Which was good because my hot, tired and full of emotions baby girl was done!!!

Insert a cupcake ...

a glass of milk ... 

10 to 20 minutes ... 

and all is right with the world once again!

At least until she breaks down at 5:00 pm when she is tucked into bed promptly at 6:00 with her beloved blanket and a kiss.  That baby girl is amazing but when she is tired she is a mess.  The girl loves to sleep!

My favorite part of the afternoon was when the teenager asked which cupcake he could have.

I responded ... the blueberry one!

His question ... which one is the blueberry?

Um ... long day sweets?

Hope your day includes a sweet treat!!!


ps ... of course I should say the best part of my day was the lemon lavender cupcake!  To die for!!!




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