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Is that a fin I see?

My children have my love of the beach. I can be spotted sitting in the surf for hours on end reading and relaxing. But ... I am not a lover of the ocean. There are too unknowns. Crabs, fish and seaweed. Ick!

Here at Amelia the water is fabulous. There is no algae ... No jellyfish and the kids do nothing but play in the ocean all day. They come out only to grab a quick snack and to wipe their faces after a huge wave has overturned their boogie boards.

Yesterday they were happily boarding about ten to twenty feet offshore. I was reading and making sure all was good. It was pure bliss. That is ... Until a group of older boys walked over and reported they had seen a fin about twenty feet behind the kids. Ummm ... Excuse me?

I made the kids exit the water for "adult swim" and tried to figure out how to proceed. I wish you could have overheard the two little kids discussing the fact that they neither heard a whistle nor spotted a life guard.  And had they ever had an adult swim on the beach before?  It was priceless! 

We sat and watched for about twenty minutes and then saw the animal resurface again down shore and convinced ourselves it was a dolphin. The kids reentered the water and I went back to bliss.

After dinner I was surfing my iphone news and came across a local story about two sharks feeding in the break in Ponte Vedra Beach.  Ummm ... excuse me?  Isn't that a mere twenty miles away?

Holy crap ... so maybe it was a shark! 

Reason #4213 why I prefer the surf!


1 comment:

  1. better not watch shark week! that's scary! sharks are coming closer and closer to shore everywhere!



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