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It's official ... summer is over!

I love summer.  I love everything about it.  I love trading out their backpacks for pool bags, their tennis shoes for flip flops.  I love the stack of pool towels on the dryer and the market list that every week says "pool snacks, diet coke, sunscreen".  I am not one of those mom's who begs for summer to be over and the kids to rush back to school. 

I love summer!

But ... to keep my children educated and balanced ... they must go back to school ...


And today is that day. 

They left this morning at 7:30 off to start 1st, 4th and 9th grades.  I am not sure which one saddens me more ... the thought of my baby going to 1st grade or my oldest starting high school.  Truth be told ... they both stink!

The kids however were all very excited!  They were all up before their alarms.  They were dressed and their beds made before I asked and they scarfed down their breakfast before I finished making my coffee.  When I finally told them they could go outside for the bus you would have thought I told them they all won the lottery.

That is not the shirt I ironed and laid out for him ... but he said he looked cooler wearing it.
I tried to add the teenager to this photo ... he rolled his eyes and said sweetly ... no thanks!

Baby girl and one of her besties!

As the bus pulled away ... Lawyer turned to me and asked ... did they even say goodbye?
I am not sure they did!

I did get a photo of my high schooler!  But I am not sure he even noticed!

Sweet boy!

Have a great day!
Mine will sure be quiet ... that is until 3:30

eta ... yes Babygirl is tall ... she is taller than all of her fellow classmates.  I am hoping she will be happy about it one day because right now it makes her mad.  She wants to petite like all her little friends.  Oh baby girl ... this is just the beginning. 

Thanks for the compliment! I adore Little Mister's glasses.  He looks adorable in them!  The frames run $450 and I am so glad I was not made to pay anything close to that amount.  He would not be wearing them if they did!



  1. Your daughter is big, I thought she was in 3rd grade.. Lucky girl, going to be tall. love the childs glasses..

  2. Here's to a wonderful school year for y'all!

  3. They are so darling! Precious, sweet children! XOXO



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