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Checking in ... how am I adjusting?

I still get emails and comments asking how I am and how we are all adjusting to our new status.  The answer ... truly I am good and we are all well!  Yes, the plans have changed (temporarily) but we are adjusting and all is great!

I truly am so incredibly thankful for your concern and your comments.  I consider my blog and its readers to be a village that I am blessed to have surrounding me.  I do not write my blog for any other reason than to have a creative outlet and to journal my life.  I never expected to have a "following" of any kind.  I am thankful for the blessing it has brought me.  

The sermon yesterday was on small groups.  The question posed to us was ... When we fall down and we all do ... who is it that picks us up? 

First and foremost ... my God.  I have become more and more dependant on my Savior for everything.  I would not have it any other way.

Secondly ... I am blessed with amazing and supportive friends.  And above that I have not one but two of the bestest friends a girl could ever ask for.  One makes me laugh when I only want to cry and the other one continually points me back to my Savior.  It is this friend who has been instrumental in the growth in my faith.  I love you more than lattes and cupcakes!  And you know I love cupcakes!!!

Lastly I have a wonderful dad and a sweet and supportive father in law.  Without their calls, emails, cards, notes and shoulders I would be a pile of mush in the corner of my room.  I am truly thankful.

So yes ... we are adjusting and the days are passing.  With each new day I feel more and more like me.

This too shall pass ... and I will be challenged in other ways.  I am ok with that.  I am thankful for the growth and strength I have achieved.

I am proud of me!


  1. Oh, darling. This is so similar to my own life right now: twists and turns and detours and locations I'd never imagined. It sounds as though you're handling it beautifully!

    I'm proud of you, too!

  2. And you should be proud of yourself! But looking back - Wow! What a spring/summer ;-). XOXO

  3. For some reason, you dropped off my reader and I haven't been keeping up, but so glad to hear things are settling down. We never know what God has in store, but he's always the one with the plan!



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