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It's true!!!

If you are close to me you know this statement is very, very true!

I saw this on Preppy 101's facebook page while I was vacationing in Amelia.  It was so perfect for me.  I asked if I could have it and she sweetly agreed!

I love a polo shirt!  And I love the color popped!  They are perfect in the summer matched with my Lilly shorts and Rainbow flip flops.  It is my summer uniform.  I am also likely to pair a polo with a Lilly skirt in the heat of the summer at church.  It works for me!

In the fall I pair them with JCrew or Canvas khakis and, once again, my Rainbow flip flops.  I love a polo almost as much as much as my Rainbow flops ... its a perfect love affair.

The proof!  And this is just the short sleeve collection.  

It's an obsession ... I am aware!  And I am ok with it!

And if I look closely it looks like I could use a new white one.

Or two!



  1. Ha! I love it. That describes me perfectly as well!

  2. Your polo collection looks just like mine, I like to keep it color coordinated. I love the simplicity of a polo and it is definitely part of my daily wardrobe more often than not.

  3. Love this post!! I actually purchased some new "undies" today - and, alas, I would rather have new polos, but there comes a time ;-). haha XOXO



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