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A perfect evening!

Lawyer's gift and two funny cards!  (The 16th anniversary is sterling holloware)

As I shared on Friday, Lawyer and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.  We had planned a low key, read regular night shuffling dinner and three kids, evening as we had tried and failed to find a sitter!

As luck would have it a sitter emerged about 2 pm and quickly we planned to head out for quick dinner.  Hair Girl was cutting Lawyer's hair about 3:30 and suggested that he take me to Chicken and the Egg.  I owe her for the suggestion and of course ... the amazing friendship!!!  

I love this restaurant and its amazing farm style fresh cuisine.  It reminds me of my favorite weekend gaunt Serenbe in Palmetto, Georgia.  Every thing they serve is fresh, local and organic.  The flavors are unbeatable!!

Lawyer arrived home ... showered ... waited on me to get ready and we head out.  He might have even grabbed a cat nap while I dried my hair.  Oh, the things that men wait on us to do.  

As we were heading out Lawyer asked me if I wanted to drive since I knew where we were going.  I agreed.  As I opened up the door and got into the car I noticed a happy waiting on me in my seat.  

Insert squeals of excitement and even a few tears.  Hugs and kisses and more hugs ...

I am one lucky girl!

We started with drinks, pimento cheese and crab cakes.  He ordered the strip with macaroni and cheese and greens.  I ordered the sea scallops with pimento cheese grits.  Every single thing I put into my mouth was simply over the top.   

We left and I was quite tipsy from the not one, but two glasses of Berry Fizz ...  hangar one raspberry vodka, lillet rouge infused with lavender & pink peppercorn, blueberries, raspberries, 
blackberries, topped with prosecco.  


Such a fun evening with one great man!!!  Here's to 16 more years!

Hope your weekend was just as lovely!


  1. Happy Anniversary - sounds like a wonderful night!

  2. I am so glad to hear that you went to Chicken and the Egg. I have seen the restaurant when going to Gabriels and wondered about it. I know I will have to try it now. Thanks for posting. What special was in your little red box? Happy Anniversary !!

  3. Debby ... Chicken and the Egg is divine! I have now eaten there twice and will continue to visit. Hope you enjoy it ... I might be there when you visit!

    Inside the little red box was a sapphire and diamond anniversary band ... lucky me! I love it!!!


  4. Soooo glad you had a great anniversary! Can't wait for a pic of the gift!! :-). XOXO

  5. happy anniversary! you deserve that and many more!

  6. Congratulations to you1 It sounds like it was a special evening!



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