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Thinking ahead ...

Just finished reading my blog roll and now I am headed for my second cup of coffee and a little planning.  One of my favorite blogs and one I look forward to reading each morning is Summer is a Verb.  I love Alice.  She is fashionable, traditional and hysterical.  I adore her.  I am sure if we were neighbors we would be spending lots of PTHs together sharing diet cokes and trading magazines back and forth. 

She and her husband just celebrated six years of marriage.  Lawyer and I will be celebrating sixteen years on the 26th.  He has suggested that we spend the weekend at our favorite getaway Serenbe.  I have a back up plan in case Serenbe is booked and I am currently working on the nanny for that weekend. 

I checked the anniversary gift by year chart and discovered that year 16 is silver holloware.  According to silver holloware is ...

The term silver holloware is used to define all items that are made by creating a hollow form; hollow vessels, such as bowls and teapots. It is a broad and general classification of silver, encompassing items made for tableware, and personal care. Silver is one of the most favored of all precious metals. It is actually lighter than gold, which makes it more suitable for making silver holloware. states that in the 13th and 14th centuries the most common silver holloware were basins, ewers, ceremonial salts, chargers and drinking cups. I will not be buying Lawyer a basin and I have no idea what an ewer is so I am leaning toward the salts or cups.  The most traditional modern gift is a flask.  Also a great idea ... sounds like I need to look at Scotts this weekend.  I am sure I will be able to find the perfect option.  Thank goodness both Lawyer and I adore old things. 

I have requested an anniversary band.  I am thinking it is the perfect gift for sixteen years of marriage and five months as a single parent ... Don't you?



  1. May I suggest the Kiawah, SC!

  2. Anniversary band is a perfect gift! And you definitely deserve it sweetie! Tiffany has some gorgeous ones! I think a trip to Phipps is in order. Wish I was there to accompany you :-). XOXO



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