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Back to normal shopping for moi ...

We got the kids school supplies and some back to school clothes yesterday.  We left at noon and returned about 4 pm.  We did squeeze in a quick trip for Mexican food because it always puts me in a good mood!  All in all ... minus a few times when I had to speak with gritted teeth ... they did well.  I however, returned home exhausted!

When we returned home I noticed the Tory Burch fall catalog in the mailbox.  Umm ... hello!

Perfect timing to made a back to normal wish list for me!  I will think about the total of the virtual shopping trip another day!

great top ... love it with dark jeans or black skinny pants!

I am sure I would wear the heck out of these!

amazing tunic ... nothing more to say!

This is a great sweater!  And the fact that the back is grey is even better!

Um ... you had me at tassel ...

Really ... I am thinking they are all great additions to my closet for fall!

Don't you?




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