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The fair

The younger kids and I went to the fair on Saturday morning.  We had a blast.  We were lined up and ready when they opened the gates and we rode the rides free for an hour.  The weather was great and the people watching was at its best.  As Jeff Foxworthy says ... "if you want to feel good about your family go to a state fair.  You will look around for a while and then look at your own family and then think to yourself ... wow we look pretty good."  (I saw him in concert Thursday night at church ... he is absolutely hysterical!!!)  Lawyer wants to go back and I told him I would happily go.  I will just need to wear my Daisy Dukes, get some Camels to chain smoke and find a newborn to nurse.  Good times!

 The tea cups ... these make me so suck but those two little ones love it!!

The flying circus ... this one was so much fun!!!

Little Mister did not like the idea of this ride so he stayed behind and took photos ... and I think he took some good ones!  That is Baby Girl and I up in the air in the next photo ... pretty good photo taking ... right?

The giant slide ... they rode their fannies off on this one!

The little one screamed her head off all the way down each time and Little Mister tried to look cool on his ride down.  Hysterical ... absolutely hysterical!

Then there was the food.  Seriously ... anything you can imagined fried!  They had fried candy bars, fried oreos, fried brownies, fried Twinkies and fried banana pudding.  I just really wanted to see them fry banana pudding ... but that line was way too long!!!

I ate a turkey corn dog.  I made her show me the package to prove to me it was turkey.  She did and then I ordered it!  It was delicious!!!  The kids were so excited that I was eating a corn dog they insisted on taking a photo of me eating it ...

And then just kept taking photos of me ... it was so funny.  Every time I took a bite they laughed more and took more photos!

I could not leave without ordering a funnel cake.  
It was to die for!!!  

Baby Girl insisted she needed cotton candy and Little Mister wanted homemade ice cream.  


Four hours into the day Baby Girl had to ride the Flying Circus one more time before we left!!!  We had just enough tickets for her to ride alone ... which she did!  Clearly the baby is fearless!!!  

We had a blast ... truly so much fun!!!!
And the best part ... I get to cross the fair off the Fall bucket list!

Thank you Aunt Grits for suggesting we go!  You always have great ideas!!!  We love you to pieces!!!



  1. I love this shirt too Grove Gal ... it is one of my favorite shirts I own. They are great ... comfy and all one of a kind! Thanks for the compliment! xoxo



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