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Freedom at church

I love Buckhead Church.  I love Sunday mornings getting ready to go to church.  I love every single minute we are there and I love Sunday afternoons on the high of having attended church.  

I did not always feel this way.  As a child growing up in the Catholic Church I felt boxed in by rules and like I was spitting out all they gave me to say.  I felt almost dead inside but didn't understand what that was at all.  I just dreaded Church and CCD and mass at school.  When I got married I wasn't allowed to get married in the church because I was marrying a man who was divorced.  We got married in a country club by Lawyer's best friends father.  He was a Baptist minister I had met only once before.  I will never forget him saying to me.  It is much easier for you to go to church with your husband then to ask him to go to church with you.  I had no idea what it meant at the time.

When we had our first child we were still trying to get Lawyer's dispensation so we could all go to church together.  I finally got so frustrated I decided to let Lawyer chose the church.  He chose a great church and within six months I accepted Christ and became a Christian.  I absolutely loved my new relationship with Christ.  

As a new Christian I loved our church but it was always a chore to attend.  I have no idea why.  We attended a great church with an amazing pastor but something still was not a 100% for me.  We attended on and off for 13 years but never regularly and never every single Sunday.    

And then about a year and a half ago a dear friend invited me to attend her church.  Holy smokes ... I loved it from the minute we walked in the doors.  My kids loved it.  My 84 year old father in law loves it.  And that is saying a lot since the praise music is nothing less than a rock concert each and every Sunday.  

And then it occurred to me today why I love it.  

I feel free. 

I feel loved. 

I feel secure.

I can be me!

I am 100% content with my worship on Sunday.   I need to step up my bible study time (just joined one this fall) and my daily quiet time ... but my Sunday is perfect.  

As I sit here and blog about this I am 100% positive that this is the way my relationship with Jesus is supposed to me.  I am supposed to feel free and loved and secure in him.  I should feel like I can be me and not have to dress a certain way or act a certain way.  I can stand there in church and sing my heart out (I am sure out of tune) and act like a crazy girl in his name.  I can be me .. only the best part of me.  

I have the privilege of bringing up my kids with this same idea of faith.  I can only hope and pray it makes them feel as amazing as it makes me.  

And with the excitement on their faces every Sunday I think it just might!!!!


1 comment:

  1. I just ran across your blog through your banner creator, but let me just say, I got the biggest blessing reading about your new life and dedication to the one Creator! I am living overseas and so badly missing my home church. Thank heavens for online streaming, so at least I can watch the worship service. But there is something to be said for having a church home where you can worship freely. : )



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