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Happy little wii!

The second house we contracted in Kansas was a dream house for me.  She was an organizational genius.  Every single thing in the house has a home and was labeled.  I was in heaven!!!

When we had to let the contract go at the very last hour I was sad on many levels.  But I must say I was sad to see that organizational inspiration go.  Thank goodness I took photos and lots of them.

One of my favorite things she had in the house was a tower for the Wii and its accessories!  With a little research I was able to locate one on Ebay.  When it arrived I was way too giddy!  I no longer have the Wii stuff scattered in front of the tv and all over the floor after the kids play.  No more reminding them to put it all back into the Wii basket.  No more losing things and tangled cords.  Pure genius!!

Behold .. the Wii tower ...

Isn't it fabulous?



  1. That is genius. I didn't know anything like this existed! We could so use it in our house.

  2. Yes, it is very fabulous...great idea.

  3. Never have seen a Wii tower but sure like it. What else did you learn from her house?

  4. Love it! I would also love to know what else you learned from her house ... pictures, please!!!



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