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My favorite place in the house ...

This post will sound superficial and retarded I am sure.  But if I am being truthful with myself and with you I will have to say my favorite place in the house is my closet.  It is not a large closet ... just a standard walk in.  

For being a standard size walk in ... it holds a lot of stuff!
It is like Carrie Bradshaw's closet ... endless storage in a tight space!

I would love to take everything out and paint it a fun color ...  but I probably should have done that when I organized it the last time.  Can't see that happening now.

And I am having a chandelier repainted to hang inside ... nothing fancy just black and adorable.

But it would make the space even more fun!  

Now that I look at the sweater section I could paint that part and wait on the walls for later.  

Oh the options ... pink, orange, yellow, turquoise, emerald green ...

I am sure loving green right now ... maybe green!



  1. you crack me up! only because i completely understand the whole closet thing!

  2. Now I love your closet too....

    Good job keeping things so organized !

  3. OH I love that you're putting a chandelier in there! We need pics for sure when you have it finished!! xoxo



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