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Labor Day = the end of lazy days of relaxation

Even though the kids have been back to school for a few weeks I have not embraced the fact that summer is over.  However with the impending holiday weekend I can no longer stick my head in the sand.  It is time to realize that the long days by the pool or sitting in the surf at the beach are over.

Sigh ... this makes me sad!

It is time for complete immersion. 

Step one ...
Spend the last three days poolside to soak up all the sun I can before the official end of pool season on Tuesday morning.

Step two ... 
Purchase some Sam Adams Octoberfest and enjoy the first taste of fall.  Pick up a bottle of red wine and finish off the last of the white wine.  (I love white wine in the spring and summer and save the red wine for fall and winter!)

Step three ...
Put all the flip flops the kids wore all summer away for another season.  Pick out boots for Babycakes for the cold weather.

Step four ...
Add all the festivals, fall dates, College football games and the fair date to the calendar.  Look up the apple festival dates and the date for the opening of the pumpkin patch.

Step five ...
Buy some sunflowers for the house on Tuesday and decide on a fall wreath.

Hopefully by mid week I will be in the mood for fall and done mourning the end of my beloved summer.



  1. Great idea to get excited for the fall. Just not having much success getting in the mood though...:(

  2. I like your attitude! I'm not ready for pumpkins, though. ;-(. xoxo



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