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Happy Labor Day!

It has been a great weekend ... even though my thoughts of lazy days by the pool were shot down with some rain!

I love rain ... if you can't soak up the sun ... let their be rain!!!

Our weekend (or part of it) ... in photos ...

One of the last few days to wear seersucker ... and I had to sport it in my fav orange and blue 

Go Gators!!!

Picked up my anniversary band ... I love it!!!

And now you see why I bought the Kiehl's for my hands ... close up they are looking BAD!!

Spent many an hour on the porch ... listening to the rain on the screened porch is amazing!!!

This is our dog Miles sitting patiently waiting to be able to sit in my lap ...

... which he can do after I finish my beer!

He got tired sitting and waiting so he sat in the chair ... still keeping his eye on me!

Ate way too much pimento cheese ... way too much!  I can eat my weight in pimento cheese.  On wheat thins, on a sandwich, almost right off a spoon.  

Baby girl introduced me to a new cracker ... which is why I ate too much pimento cheese.

And beer!  

Finally saw The Help!  

Loved every single second of this movie!!!!

And watched hours and hours of the Picker Sisters!!!
(whole 'nother post on this show!)

The rain and cooler temps this weekend may be the perfect push I needed into looking forward to Fall!



  1. Sounds like you made the best of a rainy day/weekend!

  2. So glad you had a good weekend! My son loves that beer! Yes, no more seersucker, et al. :-(. XOXO



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