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Leap Year

This is one of my favorite movies!  Its sweet and funny and all around makes me feel good!  I love Amy Adams.  She ranks right up there with Reece Witherspoon to me.  Always delivers a great movie!!!!

It's been a long couple of days ... and I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday night then to cozy up in my bed watching a feel good movie.  Baby Girl was invited out to a movie and dinner as a birthday present and  my sweet middle child and I are home alone.  

I recently purchased a Louis Vuitton and Lawyer has been calling him Louie.  Two of my kids either don't notice or could care less.  The middle child quickly picked up on it and asked why Daddy named my purse. Lawyer quickly responded ... ask Mommy to watch Leap Year with you.  When he asked this afternoon I immediately realized it would be the perfect end to a long week.

He thinks its hysterical and quickly picked up on the reference.  

We are headed to the fair and soccer tomorrow so this evening in sounds perfectly lovely!!!

My favorite part of the movie has yet to air ...

Wait a minute wheres Louis?'
'Louis I.... hes fine I strapped him to the roof'
'You strapped him to the roof? He'll get filthily up there'
'Dont worry well throw him in the wash, Hell be grand.'

Love it!!!  

I might need a glass of red wine to go with my pj pants and duvet snuggle!

Hope your evening is lovely ... from the O'Brady Callahans!


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