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Minneapolis and back ...

I flew out on Thursday morning to spend a long weekend with the BFF in her new house in Minneapolis.  Funny enough her husband was transferred within weeks of Lawyer telling me we were relocating to Kansas.  We spent the entire summer feeling each other's pain.  I am in limbo but still happy in Atlanta and she is settling into a new house, new state and new job.

Minneapolis is fabulous.  I love how artsy and fun the burbs are.  She lives in Eden Prarie and we spent time there as well as Edina.  I loved both of them.  So eclectic and cool ... very Virginia Highlands to me.  So much fun!

By far my favorite place we stopped was in Edina off of 50th and France.  Such a great area to shop and eat!!!  Have you ever been to Hunt and Gather?  I fell in love the minute I spotted it from the corner.  This is one amazing place!!!  The perfect combination of antiques and vintage pieces.  Kitschy and funky ... simple perfection!

Pieces of license plates ... you can spell anything!

Do you need a silver platter?  They have plenty!

Loved this dress ... I would wear the heck out of this during party season.  Too bad I am not a size super tiny!

Look at all of those scarves!  I love how they are displayed!

I am a sucker for an ugly chair ... just ask anyone!  I would have snatched this one up in a heartbeat if I hadn't flown!  Such good lines!

Great desk ... even love the color!

Great vintage panels ... I should have bought these!

I managed to check out with only a roll of vintage wallpaper ... so freaking cute and a bunch of vintage buttons.  I am thinking they will dress up some cardigans I am growing tired of wearing as is!

Great city ... can't wait until my next trip!  I should plan it before they get hit for winter!  I love snow but I am not sure I would do well in -10 degrees!


Hope you had a great weekend!!!

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