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What is my accessorality?

(courtesy of mrs.lillien)

I love Mrs. Lillien.  I have gushed about her before!  She is edgy, fashionable and constantly the source of inspiration for me and I am sure many others. 

Last week she posted this photo and question ...

What is your accessorality?

I had to think ....

On most days (those days I actually get dressed in something other than a polo and khakis) I would say I lean toward the kitschy or the frisky.

I can also be prissy ... though it is not a favorite of mine!

During party season I am been known to be glitzy.  Maybe even during a girls night out, or two.

I would say I rarely am ritzy.  But Lawyer would disagree.

I am not sure I have even been bitchy.  

Maybe I should venture out more ... those shoes are to die for!!

What is your style?


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