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Where did the week go ...

After the amazing relaxing holiday weekend I hit the ground running on Tuesday am.  Lawyer left for a business trip for the week and I am back to flying solo.  Not a problem at all ... him being gone for four days is a breeze compared to five months.  Easy peasy to be exact.

Wednesday I spent the morning with Preppy Paper Girl after she dropped her bebe off for his first day of preschool.  He is so stinking cute and I could not love him more even if he was my own.  He is getting too big for my liking .... and I am sure hers.  We shopped, lunched and I hit the market on the way home.  I swear she made it home just in time ... he almost fell asleep in his lunch.

Wednesday night we had dinner with Aunt Grits.  I love my relationship with her.  It is easy, fun and so comfortable.  She looked the other way when I donned my lazy pants for dinner.  I was fighting off a migraine and those lazy pants were just the comfort I needed.  We ate tomato soup, paninis and then took the kids to Bruester's for ice cream.  So much fun.  I am not sure who laughed more ... the kids or her.  I promise you my middle child is by far the funniest kid I know.

Yesterday was Scotts Antique Market and only my favorite Thursday off the month.  I love to scour and find amazing and wonderful things for my and our home.  Yesterday I only came home with clothes and gourds for the kitchen table for fall.  Well ... those items and about four ideas that I will be incorporating into our house this year.  This weekend and early next week I will be moving around a bunch of furniture.  I am moving a long dresser from our room to the basement, moving another dresser out of our bedroom and moving one up from the entry.  And the den is getting completely redone.  This is the down side to setting up two different houses we were preparing to buy in Kansas.  I have got the move the furniture bug.

Today I am finishing up some things here at the house, running one errand and then shopping for a bedside table for our bedroom.  We have two now and one of them belongs to Papa and he needs it back.  I am looking for the same table which should not be hard to find.  Let's hope ...

Hope you had a great week!!!

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