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I phone photo dump ...

When I was loading the photos from the weekend I got a look at all the photos I have taken with my I phone.

(Lee and I hanging out a the pool during school hours ... it was her last week of radiation and we were celebrating!)

I take some silly photos ... but I love them!  

(the mini me and I making silly faces while waiting for the teenager)

It's like a little view into my daily life ...

(all three kids after shots and blood drawing ... they were pathetic!)

... as if I am being photographed by the paparazzi! 

(a car we were laughing about in the parking lot ... until we realized it was Papa's car ... um WTH?)

But I promise you ... if I was followed around by photographers on any basis at all ...

(Babycakes getting ready for her debut as a flower girl)

... they would quit after the first day!

(Miles will sit on or in anything left on the floor ... this is the teenager's back pack)

I am completely boring and uneventful!

The only drama I have going on is ... do I spring for the thick tortoise Lulu Frost bangle ...

or do I stick with the thin one?

Whew ... that was diverted when the Bestie responded via text ... thick for sure!

And now the biggest thing I have going on now is ...

Where do I find these fabulous Alexander McQueen sunglasses for less than $400?




  1. Ooo I love the bangles! You made the right choice. Or you could always just get both hehe.



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