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Comfort ...

There is a lot of things that make me comfortable.  I try to add a little comfort into each day.  It doesn't happen every day.  Sometimes it doesn't happen until I put on my lazy pants at the end of the day.  Some days it happens all day long.  Today is one of those days ...

Between the long weekend at the show where the bestie was super busy, ok super busy doesn't even describe it, to re-entry, the problem du jour with the middle child I am in need of a day of comfort!  

I started by lounging in the lazy pants longer than normal.  I swamped my sleep T shirt for a cable knit sweater and a pony tail and tidied up the house.  Nothing makes me feel better than walking thru a tidy house.  Lawyer was hanging around today waiting on Comcast (ps ... hate Comcast! but that and the reason we have both Comcast and AT&T Universal is a whole 'nother post!) so that was a bonus to the comfort level.  

I then answered emails and wrote another novel/email to the school.  Got those thoughts off my chest ... the comfort level rises even more.  

Loaded my darks into the washer and watched Rachel Zoe on DVR.  This day is good!

Made Kraft Macaroni and cheese for lunch paired with a Diet Coke in my favorite cup.  The perfect comfort lunch. 

Now I am working on blogs for the week, watching Fashion Hunters on DVR and resting on top of my super comfy bed.  I changed out of the lazy pants into black riding pants/leggings and have added a button down to the sweater mix.  This fall I am addicted to button downs more than ever before.  

This afternoon will (I hope) consist of hot cocoa for the kids and coffee for me while we tackle homework.  It is raining and cold and they will need the warm liquid as much I as will need a caffeine boost.  We rented a movie yesterday from the Red Box so the kids are dying to watch Gulliver's Travels and it is the perfect day to do it.  I do not like them watching TV during the week but I have to concede on rainy days.  

I am meeting two dear friends for dinner at our favorite ... Chicken and the Egg.  I have already texted Hair Girl to let her know my hair is not up to par.  It is tough when one of your closest friends does your hair and has high expectations.  Not to mention cuts her own hair.  Yes ... she cuts her own hair!

me:  No comments on the messy pony tail
her:  Put a flower in it and call it style
me:  or lip gloss and call it comfort

I will be sporting the same duds I am wearing now with wellies and a possible scarf depending on the temperature when I leave.  The only thing I have to do before I go is add some mascara and lip gloss.  I love spending time with my close friends.  It's easy and comfortable.  The way it should be!

Hope your day is grand!!!



  1. i adore you & can't wait to see you tonight!!!XOXO

  2. Great post! I love to read your posts as I know we would be friends if we lived nearby, even though I'm old enough to be your mom! What fun! XOXO



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