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Tooth Fairy

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The tooth fairy that comes to our house is very cautious.  She doesn't go out in rainy weather.  It is hard for her to fly and then when her wings get wet she gets stranded some place and has to take shelter for the night.  So if it is storming she won't come to our house that night ... she will wait until the next day while you are at school when the rain has ceased and the way is clear.

Or ...

that's what my daughter thinks!  It is so much easier to explain to her than the real story ...

... that Mommy was so tired after reading with and praying over her older brother that she collapsed into bed and completely forgot about the tooth and the snack she had laid out.  

Until the next morning when the mini me reminds me and I wake up in a jolt and roll over and say to Lawyer ...

"please tell me that is rain I hear ..."

Saved by the rain yet again!


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