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Fall is here!

What a great weekend for weather ... it was crisp and sunny during the day and cold at night!  My perfect weather!  I got a lot done around the house!  I cleaned ... moved furniture and hung a few things on the walls to brighten up the house.  I just need to hang a wreath on the door, get some mums and the house will be fall ready!

Baby girl had a soccer game on Friday night and another on Saturday afternoon.  She loves soccer.  We had to skip last weeks games due to her bike injury and she was not happy at all!!!  It was great to see her happy on the field.

She spent the first quarter sitting out ...

... but was back in the game in her favorite spot ... goalie! 

My favorite part of the game is the beginning and the end.  Both teams gather in a circle and have a quick prayer.  It does my heart good to see it each and every time!

I highly recommend watching a soccer game in a toasty scarf and drinking a hot cocoa!  

Saturday night we were off to the fair ... again!  Lawyer had been dying to go and we squeezed it in after the game!  

I love the fair!  Where else can you people watch for hours and get a jalopino pepper?  I mean ... you can't make this stuff up!

It was absolutely freezing but super fun.  I would rather be cold and cozy in a warm clothes at the fair then hot and sweaty any day!

We stopped for hand stamps and then were off to ride until we dropped!

The cold but happy crew!  Lawyer doesn't look happy in this photo but he swears he was!

Me and the mini me waiting in line for the flying circus!  I love this ride!!!

Finally made it to the front of the line ... did I mention it was freezing cold??

Ran into our sweet friend Aunt Grits!  We love her!!!  She appeared at the end of the roller coaster.  Her timing was perfect ... Baby girl was tired and crying after she road the coaster.  She ran out of the car once it stopped and right into the arms of our sweet friend!  I was shocked that she didn't like it, usually she is fearless!

Although after Daddy sprung for cotton candy ... her smile returned!!!

Lawyer bought chili cheese fries to share ... though Baby girl and I stuck with the cotton candy!
I am sure if I took a bite of those I would surely die!!!

Hope you had a great weekend ... 
I am loving this weather ... may it last for a while!


ps ... just noticed this photo Lawyer took with my phone while Baby girl and I were riding the roller coaster ... simply priceless!

Good times!  xoxo

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