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Poison what?

It all started Friday morning after the kids left for school.  I received a text from the teenager letting me know he was having trouble with his left eye.  He said it was "inflamed" and asked if he could go to the nurse for some ice and Tylenol.  I of course said yes!

He goes to the nurse and she looks at him and gives me a call.  She says not to worry ... it looks like he was bit by a bug on the bus.  She has iced it down and given him some Tylenol and he is headed back to class.  Fabulous.  We dodged that run to school and gather said teenager bullet.  Back to my cleaning and organizing of the house.

I receive another text from him about 3 pm letting me know he now has a rash.  He tells me he isn't staying after school for clubs and is coming home on the bus.  Easy peasy!  I love a kid who communicates!!!

He arrives home and I completely freak out upon seeing his face.  He has a dark red rash covering his left eye, his nose, all down his left cheek and his left ear.  His eye lid is bright red, covered in rash and blisters.  The nurse clearly needs to attend some continuing education classes.  This is no bug bite at all and looks to be poison ivy to me.  He and I run over his week and realize he hasn't been outside in danger of touching anything poisonous for at least a week.  He was home sick with a bad head cold for Monday and Tuesday and then was buried in homework and clubs the rest of the week.  I load him up with benadryl ... kiss him goodnight promptly at 4:45 pm and head off to Baby Girl's soccer game and dinner afterward at Chic-Fil-a.  When I get home I wake him up ... convince him to eat the chicken sandwich I am holding ... load him up with some more Tylenol and kiss him once again!

The next morning he looks 1000% worse and Lawyer is convinced he has the plague.  I am sure its poison ivy but am still 100% he hasn't been exposed to the outdoors for at least a week.  There is no way ... right?  This child is highly allergic to anything with the word poison in it.  As we are prepping to get him to the doctor he comes in and lays this little nugget on me. 

"It just occurred to me that we did a leaf project in art class on Wednesday.  Two girls from the class were responsible for gathering leaves outside and the rest of us were asked to sketch them."

Are you kidding me?  My child is completely covered with poison ivy because of an art project?  Oh ... she is not going to like me ... I can promise you that!!!

He is home this morning resting ... and doped up on steriods, benadryl and Tylenol.  I am hoping to encourage him to return to school tomorrow.  However I am not sure I would have left the house looking the way he does as a teenager!

I will keep you posted!



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