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Never judge a book ...

Late yesterday afternoon the boys and I were outside in the front yard.  The teenager was preparing to mow the grass and I was getting ready to start the blower for our younger son.  Lawyer was out of town in LA.    

A sheriff pulled up in front of our house and parked.  A nice officer got out and requested Lawyer.  Since he wasn't home she spoke to him on the phone and left the papers she was carrying with me.  I shook her hand and she left.  She was in the driveway a total of maybe 10 minutes.  It happens a lot.  Not so much anymore since Lawyer doesn't work for himself ... but it is not a foreign concept to me.  Lawyer is an attorney.  He was the registered agent for a lot of people.  He still is the registered agent for one of his friends.  He was served.  No biggie.  

Since we live at a three way stop and since it was just about 5 pm ... I am guessing just about all the neighbors drove by.  The nosy ones for sure.  They were driving way slower than their usual how fast can we make it up the hill and thru the stop sign.  It was priceless.  Even the sheriff commented it.    

After the boys were done with their chores we sat on the stoop and enjoyed the amazing fall weather.  The teenager remarked at the rubber neckers from earlier.  I asked him what he would think if he saw a sheriff or a police car pull up in front of someone's house.  He thought about it and then responded ... "I am sure I would have raised my eyebrow at them.  And that would be really dumb!"  

It was the perfect teaching moment.  He will never forget it.

You can not ever judge a book by its cover.  

Thank you Lord for that teaching moment for all three of us ... it was priceless!


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