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The caul

I have more useless knowledge that I learned during my morning ritual.  This time I was perusing and read a story about Jessica Alba's new baby girl.  Sweet baby!  As I was reading the story I came across this couple of paragraphs ... 

Also unexpected — Haven’s arrival in the caul, meaning she was delivered inside her amniotic sac.
“Cash said, ‘She was born in her safe haven,’” Alba recalls of choosing her daughter’s name. “And so there we had it.”

Disclaimer ... Before I go on with my thoughts I need to say that I do not buy into any of the following information.  I am grounded in my belief in my Savior and nothing more.  I do not believe in psychics.  Period.  The End.

Back to my story ...

When my middle child was born he too was born in his amniotic sac.  The doctor had broken my water but the sac remained intact.  When he was born he was still inside the deflated sac and the only thing outside the sac was his one big toe.  It looked to me like a clear deflated balloon.  He was completely clean and they simply wiped off his foot and handed him to me.  I heard the nurses talking (there was a lot of talking and whispering going on ... he was an unusual birth) and one of them said to me.  "He is still encased is his sac.  He will be a pyschic."  

Um ... ok.  Whatever.  I moved on.  They immediately started talking about his other issues and I completely forgot about the sac.  

I had no idea the sac had a name or any other information to go with it.  Apparently it is called a caul and those who are born with it intact are called caulbearers.  

Wikipedia says ...
"Many caul bearers claim to possess clairvoyance or other preternatural abilities.

In medieval times the appearance of a caul on a newborn baby was seen as a sign of good luck.[5] It was considered an omen that the child was destined for greatness. 

Another site says that caulbearers are known to be able to predict the weather.  If you want to know when it will rain ... just ask my son.  He can tell you in the morning whether or not it will storm.  The site also says that these children are easy babies and from early on can be set aside as different.  Yes ... he was an easy baby but any baby would have been easy after a baby with colic who cried for three months straight!

I found lots of information in Google ... but the only piece I am willing to claim is that these children are rare and special.  

I could have told you that!

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