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Blog reading = smart me!

I learn so much reading blogs.  I read more design blogs than anything else ... but I do read a few very stylish blogs that I heart greatly.  You can learn so much ... its like college for mommies!  Ha ...

Yesterday I discovered MeebleMail while reading Social Climbers.  Holy fabulousness!!!!!  You can create stationery for your email.  Then ... every time you send an email it is just like sending a handwritten note.  Swoon ... now just to chose a pattern.  I am stuck between this one, this one and this one.  I truly like the Dabney Lee print but I do own a pink bicycle with a basket which I love to ride thru the neighborhood.  Hmmm ... and to boot .. the bicycle print also comes dressed for the holidays.  Are you kidding me?  Then they have plaid and menswear prints and sorority themes.  I swear, each one of them is cuter than the last one.  Where in the world do people come up with all of these amazing ideas???

I wanted to ask Lawyer last night to help me chose ... however he is currently in LA and on a totally different time zone.  Plus, his response to me would have been something like ... "you must be kidding" or "can't you call a bestie to help you with the crisis du jour?" or my favorite ... "isn't that why you love that gay bestie so?".  

Whatever ... men never realize how important the little decisions can be.

Hee hee ...


1 comment:

  1. I saw this on her blog too and it's on my to-do list! So cute. Can't wait to set it up!




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