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Rainy Wednesday!

I am almost done with the table setting for Thanksgiving.  Since the kids are out all of next week I need to make sure that all is done for the planning.  I will not be able to tote the two youngest all over town without much fuss ... so must complete today and tomorrow.  

It started with this ...

Then became this when I added the brown place mats and the white plates ...

And currently looks like this ...

No where near done ... but getting there!  I still need to gather all the flatware, glasses and fluff the table.   I am also debating monogramming my napkins.  Thoughts? I would like to add some pheasant feathers and ribbon.  And this is only one of two tables I am decorating.  The other one in the kitchen will be almost identical.  I just ordered 3 inch burlap ribbon from Amazon which arrives Friday so I am growing closer by the minute.

The weather in Atlanta today is highly undesirable.  It has been raining most of the day with tornado sirens and warnings.  My dogs hate the sirens and I dislike having to check and recheck the weather to make sure I don't need to duck and cover.  The kids came home from school talking all about spending quite a bit of time in the hall tucked "into position".  MHM keeps reminding me that her teacher told her more than once to make sure her "bottom was tucked in".  Apparently she thought as long as her head was covered she was protected.   The vision is hysterical.  And of course I would know this because she keeps demonstrating the right way and the wrong way.  Hysterical ... I promise you!

I ran errands today sporting these ...

I heart them!!!

Hope your day was grand.



  1. Where did you get those darling Wellies??? Love your table. XOXO

  2. love the boots and YES on the monogrammed napkins!! DUH!

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