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Family time

I love this time of year.  I love how connected my family is during the holidays.  We snuggle in front of the fire, we make goodies together, we stay up late and play games and we watch ridiculously sappy and silly movies on ABC Family.  It's good stuff.

Last night I pulled up the schedule for the Countdown to Christmas on ABC Family and noticed that the pre-countdown has already started.  Kind of like Black Friday that is now starting on Thanksgiving, which is in a word, stupid. But my thoughts on that are a whole 'nother post!  So I showered and jammied up those yahoos and we snuggled in last night to watch The Search for Santa Paws.  Now ... I will tell you this is probably the dumbest movie I have seen in a while but we all piled into my bed and achieved the quality time I was looking for.  Lawyer may have played Words with Friends the entire movie but that's ok.  Like I said ... dumb movie!!!

Today I am off to finish off the Thanksgiving to do list and then home late this afternoon to finish prepping the house for our guests which begin arriving tomorrow.  I will be able to finish the day with grill cheese, tomato soup and a ABC Family double header.  I have already seen Surf's Up which airs at 6:30 but I am holding out for Happy Feet at 8:30.  I will be able to fold laundry and put it away during the commercials.  Good times I tell you!!!  Good times!

If it was only cold enough here in Atlanta for a fire I might be in heaven!

Looks like I will be waiting until Sunday or Monday for that possibility!!


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