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I heart plaid!!!

The kids are out for the week of Thanksgiving and I have done a big fat nothing all day.  Well, that isn't totally true.  I have been conversing on twitter, fluffed my Thanksgiving table with flatware, glasses and some leaves, had lunch with Hair Girl and her crew and have been adding photos to my boards on Pinterest.  

All in all ... really nothing!

The Thanksgiving table is basically done, it just needs place cards.  I found a link on for  vintage post cards and am now just needing ink for the color printer and some card stock to finish that little project.  The instructions say to print the cards and then add a layer of velum on top with the guest's name and tie them together.  Perfect!!!

So ... why not let my mind wander about Christmas decorations?  

I am thinking plaid ... all plaid ... mixing plaids.  I am thrilled to try it!!!

Here is what I have uncovered so far to inspire me ...

I am thinking it will be grand ... and I will be decorating for Christmas before I know it!



  1. Oooooohhhh, love it all and stealing some for my boards!!!

  2. I love plaid also! My students used to tell me that they would think of me every time they saw plaid when shopping. ;-). Have a great Thanksgiving!! XO



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