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Grown up Santa list

When I was a child I wanted every single toy made for Christmas.  I can literally remember circling everything in the Sears or JCPenny toy section much to my parents dismay.  My kids do the same thing.  Every single catalog that arrives or sale ad they get their hands on they are marking with sharpies and post its.  They make their lists for people who ask and then they may ask for three gifts from Santa.  The lists keep changing and getting longer.  It is almost funny. 

My list is a whole other story.  I want just a few things and unfortunately none of them are cheap.  Lawyer has not asked for my list yet ... but I will be ready when he asks!    

Red Hunter Wellies ... 

An ipad ...

Lawyer's office is switching from laptops to iPad.  I am thinking it would be good for me to have one too.  Right?

Another anniversary band.  

I think my finger is unbalanced, don't you?  Or at least that is what I am telling myself!  

The Cambridge chunky turtleneck sweater from JCrew in grey and yellow ... monogrammed!

And if he is still interested in buying gifts ... there is always the leopard Paige loafers ...

Don't you love them????

He might want to ask soon before the list gets any longer!


1 comment:

  1. You need to tell Lawyer sweaters at JCrew are 30% off through today. And I love those Wellies!



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