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Santa arrives in Marietta!

We were at the Marietta Square last night for the festivities!!!  Santa arrived on a fire truck promptly at 5:20 pm ... which we missed because of the traffic ... and the tree was lit at 6:00pm.  We watched Santa's arrival online and the kids did get to see him sitting in the gazebo.  It is a beautiful tree and the lighting was magical.  I love attending events on the square.  It makes me feel like I live in a small town.  I run into friends and people we know and the events are always planned perfectly.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that the event planner is one of my dearest friends.  She is truly fabulous.  But ... anyone who knows Aunt Grits would completely agree!!!

Of course we had to take our elves with us.  MHM insisted on being able to thank Santa for Candace.  
So sweet!

Thanks to the teenager for the great photo!

WPM's elf Ollie peeking out of his pocket.  He was so paranoid that he would lose Ollie so he borrowed a sweatshirt from his older brother with a big pocket to store him in just to be sure he would be safe.   

My kids LOVE Aunt Grits!!!  And she adores them ... its a mutual love!!!

She is adorable!!!  

The tree before the lighting ... 

... and after!  So beautiful in person.

And of course I was thrilled to score our Christmas card photo ...

It only took me four photos to get one I liked ... not too bad for my crew.  

It was a fun evening ... almost magical!

It is time to decorate the house ... December has arrived!



  1. I love the photo for the Christmas card!! So perfect. Also, darlin' pic of you!! Do we love Aunt Grits' pants? YES, we do. ;-) XO

  2. Preppy 101 ... do you not love those pants? She bought them at Good Will. Can you believe it? She also bought a jacket that she wore a few days before ... Love it!!! xoxo

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