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Another day to be thankful!

Lawyer and I got into a fight yesterday.  It happens ... we are human.  Sometimes you just need a good fight to air out some bad air.  I cleaned the house yesterday, still looking for a housekeeper, and he did his thing.  

About 5:00 pm I got a call from the gay bestie.  He had horrible news.  His husband had passed away very unexpectedly.  He was devastated.  My heart is incredibly heavy for him.  

As I laid down very late to try to get some sleep I looked over at Lawyer who I was still mad at.  He was adding a Home Depot app to his I phone to be able to find out what time they opened this morning.  He had heard me telling the bestie's sister that I would bring a wreath for their front door.  And that is why I adore him. We had taken separate paths all day out of frustration with one another and his last thought before he fell asleep was to be there for David.  

I have another day my husband.  David does not.  As any other issue we have we will forgive one another and move on.  David's story is over.  Life is incredibly fragile.  

Lee and David

I love you David!  I can't wait to see you this morning.  



  1. So, so sorry for your friend's loss. Truly a reminder of what is truly important in life.

  2. So sorry for the loss. And, you are right, each day with people we love and who love us is a blessing. My high school classmate just passed away tonight from brain cancer leaving 4 children and her husband. My heart is so heavy thinking about the sad days ahead for them.



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